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Original artwork created with inks and mica powders. It’s inspired by the Pocahontas song, ‘The Colours Of The Wind’.

Do you remember the song lyrics? Did she just ask if we could paint with all the colors of the wind? What colors? Wind is invisible.Yes, the wind is invisible. But yet it holds beauty. Her main purpose is to open your eyes to all the beauty this land has to offer when nature is appreciated and accepted as a whole rather than land being looked on as profit. What’s the Earth without the coexistence between the beauty of nature and man? If you destroy the beauty it naturally provides, you’ll never see the colors of the wind for yourself.

This is the song inspired me to paint this piece. It's about animism and respecting nature. This song is Pocahontas making John Smith realise that nature is full of life, and joy, and secrets, that it is not purely for someone to claim. It is also to say that the differences between us don't matter; whether it be the colour of our skin, our nationality, or even our opinions. This song is saying that the spirit of the world is connected, in one big circle, in one family. That the world is not cold and dead, that its not something to claim for one's own benefit, but to cherish.


It consists of 3 layers of resin to create a 3D effect. The dynamics of the vibrant colours will brighten up any interior. Ready to hang with D hooks and wire on the back.

The Colours of the Wind

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