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“My creativity resembles a growing tree of a film about life in general. It has many single branches but it leads in one particular direction‚ searching for new means of expression and new values. Artistic picture of my feelings and experiences transformed by my consciousness‚ giving different synthetic form – abstract dimension” 



I'm a Polish visual artist and graphic designer living in Adelaide. I immigrated to South Australia in 2007.

My art has evolved over the years during studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland.
I have a keen appreciation for nature in all its forms. My paintings often represent personal, psychological feelings and struggle between man and nature. 
The pieces I created over the years can be found in private collections in Europe and Australia.



From Australian kingfisher to Costa Rican toucan, my tropical figurative art is influenced by adventures around the world. Whether the exotic birdlife or fragrant flowers, they’ve all found their own little place on canvas.

They’re brought to life through the explosion of colour and texture. Sometimes I use a marbling effect from a paint pouring process, other times through a palette knife and the traditional paintbrush. By doing this, I catch a glimpse into the mood, personality and thoughts of my subjects.



Since my earliest memories creating and viewing visual art has excited me. After nearly two decades of painting my intuition is my guide and I rarely set out with a specific subject in mind. Drawing inspiration from natural elements, particularly my local surroundings of the southern Fleurieu Peninsula, I create a canvas full of colours and textures and wait for the imagery to reveal itself. While some subjects expose themselves immediately, nestled in the colour and texture, at other times I watch the canvas for days, waiting for the imagery to unfold. The process is never the same. 


My abstract works are predominantly acrylics, which I love due to their fluidity in creating layers of vibrant colour. Created with a process I call “Flowfusion”, the technique was inspired from the organic nature of liquid paint and the fluid look created by different colours running together. I also experiment with the pouring of paints onto canvas, manipulating it with a variety of methods, including gravity, to create a beautiful marbling effect and other unique finishes. 


In my work I am inspired by life and movement, everything I see and the emotions and energy I experience. Conveyed through my abstract expressionist style, I focus on allowing the paint to lead me to face the unknown. Through an explosion of colours and emotion, my work showcases the dynamics of life through the movement of the abstract form and its rich palette.

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