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Orion Nebula II – original artwork created with alcohol inks. It was inspired by nebula cloud of combined gas and dust in space. There are many kinds of nebula, however the most famous one is Orion Nebula, which happens to be about 1500 light-years away from us. You can find this nebula by finding the Orion constellation. Astronomers note that many stars are being born out of this nebula, especially in the location noted by Orion’s sword. This nebula has many colours. Astronomers know that the orange color is hydrogen, the red color in the nebula is sulfur, and the teal colour is oxygen.

The colours of teal and rusty oranges and reds I used in this piece represent sulfur and oxygen. This artwork can be hung horizontally or vertically and paired with a piece ‘Orion Nebula I. Sealed with satin varnish.


 Artwork comes framed under perspex with a natural timber frame.


Australia-wide shipping inluded.

Orion Nebula II

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