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Rise of The King Ltd Ed Canvas Print of 100 by Patrycja Whipp.


Available on smooth cotton rag or canvas.


Inspired by French impressionist artists works and Australian wildlife. Beautiful Australian sacred kingfisher erupting out of water to catch his food. I wanted to capture the water splash and movement of the bird by impressionist like style. The sky is glowing with light and the water texture is created by using energetic, spontaneous brush strokes. Blue and teal colour palette create a mood of calming energy.Australian azure kingfisher makes its home along the banks of coastal and inland rivers, swamps and mangroves. During breeding season, it lines its nest with fish bones and scales. Found along much of our northern and eastern seaboards, as well as Tasmania, this species hunts for small mammals, reptiles, fish and frogs.


Made to order item. Please allow 10-12 days to make and ship.


Shipping includes insurance.


Please contact me for custom size.




Ltd Ed Print Rise of The King

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